Add File & Earn Money

If you have any premium file or solution then you can earn by publishing your file or solution here.

How do you publish your files?

  1. First you need to create an account here.
  2. System user permission is required to post files, please contact the support team.
  3. And the rules given below must be followed.

Rules for posting files or solutions.

  1. The files must be uploaded to your drive.
  2. No file can be password protected.
  3. Tested files must be given, no fake files can be posted.
  4. If a file link is damaged, you must fix the file link within 24 hours of notification.
  5. And of course you need to join the premium file provider group.

After each file sale, 60% will automatically be added to your account and the remaining 40% will go to the owner of this company.

Credit Price, 1 Credit=90 Taka ( BDT )

Important Notice:

If a customer complains after purchasing any of your files that you have provided the wrong file and we will check if it is correct Then the amount of that file will be deducted from your account and added to the user's account.And you can withdraw your earnings within 25th to 30th of every month.

( If you violate the rules your account may be banned and no money can be withdrawn from the banned account.)

Note that the company reserves the right to change this rule.